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White House sets record for longest span with no press briefings during Trump presidency

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — White House press secretary Sarah Sanders spent most of Thursday afternoon stepping in and out of her private office to field questions from reporters huddled in the hallway, seeking more answers on the president’s surprise letter denying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi use of military aircraft for her congressional delegation overseas. The…read more »

Leaked memo shows Trump administration weighed separating families at border, Sen. Merkley wants Nielsen investigated for perjury

VallarieE/iStock (WASHINGTON) —  Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley on Friday asked the FBI to open a perjury investigation into Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen following the leak of an internal draft 2017 document that detailed the administration’s legal options for separating families as a way to curb illegal immigration at the border. The memo challenges the assertion…read more »

Trump retaliates, ruining Pelosi’s travel plans as shutdown hits Day 28

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The longest-running government shutdown, now on Day 28, is ruining plans.Not just for the hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers, but also for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose official trip overseas was abruptly blocked Thursday by President Donald Trump. And flying commercially will no long be an option either, Pelosi’s spokesman…read more »

Pelosi cancels effort to continue Afghanistan trip after Trump revealing travel plans ‘significantly increased danger,’ official says

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday accused President Donald Trump and his administration of endangering the lives of Americans, including her own, by publicly revealing a congressional delegation’s plans to travel by commercial aircraft to Afghanistan.“We had the prerogative to travel commercial and we made plans to do that until the…read more »

DNC alleges it was targeted in phishing attack after midterms

M-A-U/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The Democratic National Committee alleges it was among the intended victims of a widespread cyberattack that was detected days after the 2018 midterm elections, according to court documents filed overnight.”On November 14, 2018, dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign, although there is no evidence that the attack was…read more »

Sanders defends Trump’s comment that you need an ID to buy groceries

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The White House on Wednesday defended President Donald’s Trump’s false claim that people need photo identification to buy groceries — made as he railed against alleged fraudulent voting at a rally in Tampa, Florida, Tuesday night.Trump, a millionaire who lived in Fifth Avenue penthouse apartment in New York City before moving…read more »

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