Weather Might Affect Huskers on Saturday

Weather Might Affect Huskers on Saturday

It was a helmets only walk through practice for the Huskers as they get geared up to take on Illinois this Saturday. With Lincoln experiencing some snow, head coach Scott Frost wanted to get his players outside for a taste of what Nebraska winters can look like.

“We probably got a couple of guys who have still have only seen it once or twice in their lives,” Frost said. “We rolled around in it a little bit (and) then got our work done.”

The weather could play a factor for the game, although snow is not in the forecast for Saturday.

“You know I think the only thing that could be a factor in the game potentially is the wind,” Frost said. “We’ll see how bad it’s blowing on Saturday. Our guys live in this every day, so I don’t think the temperature will be an issue.”

Frost also mentioned that he was familiar with Illini head coach Lovie Smith’s defensive scheme, having played in it when Frost was a safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2003.

Smith was not coaching in Tampa Bay at the time; however the “Tampa 2,” a variant of the “Cover 2” defense, is the defense Smith has installed at each of his head coaching jobs.

“It’s sound. That was the best part about that scheme when I was playing in it,” Frost said. “You always knew where you were supposed to be.”

That said, Illinois is ranked 127th in the nation in total defense. The Illini on average, give up 524 yards per game. Their opponents are averaging seven yards per play.

Nebraska takes on Illinois this Saturday at 11 A.M.